The Sandhamn Murders

The first five books in the Sandhamn Murder series have been made into miniseries in three parts by Sweden´s largest commercial TV-channel, TV4.

From the start in December 2010, it was huge success, with more than 1.7 ,million viewers per episode.

The series has been broadcast in all Nordic countries and also in many European countries such as Germany, France and Italy and even as far away as Japan. In the fall of 2014, a Polish version with Polish actors premiered on Polish national television.

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thomas nora


Main characters in the Sandhamn Murders


Nora Linde, 39, a bank lawyer struggling to balance career and motherhood

Two sons:
Adam, 12
Simon, 8


Married to Henrik Linde, M D

son of an ambassador

regatta enthusiast

arrogant and selfish


Thomas Andreasson,
Detective Inspector

divorced following the death of 3-month old daughter Emily in SIDS

childhood friend of Nora

i de lugnaste vatten 500
i den innersta kretsen 500
i grunden utan skuld 500
i natt aer du doed 500
i stundens hetta 500
i farans riktning 500
i maktens skugga 500
i sanningens namn 500
i fel sallskap
i hemlighet begravd