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About "In Harm's Way" (6th book in the series)

i farans riktning 280

"An unusually calculated murderer and Sten write deftly without airs."
Uppsala Nya Tidning

"There is something tickling and almost dreamy in reading about an icy winter and racism between bird-cherry tree and lilacs, almost as if the problems did not apply to us. But they do and they are the ones that Viveca Sten accurately puts her crime writing finger on."

"A suspenseful and easy to read novel about hidden shame and dashed hopes. Skaraborgs Allehanda Deckarhuset The story is suspenseful, on the verge of being terrifying, when the killer is about to be revealed. Vievca Sten has once again produced a quick story, a real page turner, and I can't wait for the next tale in the Sandhamn Murder series."
Värnamo Nyheter

"In Harm's Way is a very suspenseful novel and a clear cut sign that I need to keep my front door locked. The author brings up current societal topics and creates a story showing that no matter how hard you try and hide them, some things are bound to get out eventually".

"I like Vievca Sten!... her intrigue is good, using a female war correspondent who comes out to Sandhamn for Christmas and then gets murdered. The murderer looks through here secret material, at her teenage daughters house, and there are several scary scenes when the clueless girl is alone in the house."
Dagens Nyheter


About "In the Heat of the Moment" (5th book in the series)

i stundens hetta 280

I stundens hetta" is an extremely profound novel. A crime novel, yet something else. It has so much more - a depth, a message and a story that will leave no one untouched, including the author. "I cried when I wrote certain parts", she said in an interview, and even if I didn' t cry when I read about the teenagers during the midsummer celebrations at Sandhamn, I will admit that my eyes misted over more than once. There, I´ve said it, even a critic can go soft."

"She describes completely brilliantly a world with lost and drunk teenagers and distant adults who couldn' t care less. It is spot-on, both with regard to the dialogue and the intrigue. ...She now belongs to the Swedish elite of crime writers, if she carries on like this she will very soon sit on its throne. This is both an important and an entertaining, thrilling book."
DAST Magazine

"A wonderful story about the Swedish midsummer, both its joy and its dark sides... It is a truly well-written, believable and entertaining crime novel by Viveca Sten"

"After reading the fifth book, "I stundens hetta", I can only conclude that she just gets better and better. This is a page-turner, in my opinion. A perfect summer read!"


About "Tonight you're dead" (4th book in the series)

i natt ar du dod 280

"Viveca Stens new book delivers breathtaking suspense until the very end." 5 *****

"Killingly good and always surprising. Most recommendable!"
Taz Tageszeitung Berlin

"Exciting crime novel from a bestseller author!" 4 ****
MetroXpress (Denmark)

"It's a good plot, the story is exciting and there are some very sympathetic main characters."


About "Without guilt" (3rd book in the series)

i grunden utan skuld 280

4,5 ***** (59 Kundenrezensionen)

"The story is frighteningly well told. Viveca Sten got off to a good start and only gets better and better with each novel."
Weekendavisen (Denmark)

"I read the book from beginning to end... I will not hesitate to recommend this crime novel which is both exciting and entertaining."

"Great book, very exciting crime novel!"

"Viveca Sten's writing is moving and gives rise to so much curiosity that you can´t put her books down!"


About "Closed circles" (2nd book in the series)

i den innersta kretsen 280

""In "Inner circles", her second novel, we again meet Thomas and Nora as they are investigating the murder of Oscar Juliander, a rich lawyer and deputy chairman of the prestigious Royal Swedish Yachting Club, KSSS, who was killed on board his sailing yacht during a regatta. This allows the writer to describe, with an easy touch, the do's and dont's of an elite world where nothing but appearance matters.

It is beautifully crafted, with a rare form of suspense. In short, Viveca Sten has everything it takes to become the new queen of crime fiction from the Nordic."
Read the entire review below:

"Her storytelling and suspense build-up is unparalleled. The resolution arrives slowly and is very surprising[...] Sten is and will remain a world-class author.
...Despite the fact that she reveals the intrigue from the first book Sten has impressed again. In the list of famous Nordic authors she has definitely defended her given spot."

"Viveca Sten skilfully evokes the holiday atmosphere of the archipelago, but as in her previous novel "I de lugnaste vatten" (Still Waters), there are darker forces at work among the residents of Sandhamn. She writes with a deep personal knowledge of the area and the yachting community, and one of her strengths is her ability to create a range of characters that are both engaging and believable, leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next to Thomas and Nora."
The Swedish Book Review

"Viveca Sten is the new star in the Swedish sky of crime [...] Super entertainment."
ALT for damerne (Denmark)

"Insgesamt gesehen hat mir der erneute Ausflug auf die Urlaubsinsel Sandhamn wieder sehr gut gefallen. .. die Verwicklungen im Privatleben der Hauptprotagonisten konnten mich durchaus fesseln. (...) bewerte ich auch diese Fortsetzung mit vier Sternen und hoffe schon jetzt auf einen weiteren Besuch der Urlaubsinsel."


About "Still waters" (1st book in the series)

i de lugnaste vatten 280

"La Reine de la Baltique (Still Waters) throws us into the troubled waters of the beautiful Swedish society and you will hold your breath until you read the very words "The end".
Le Parisienne (France)

"An exceptionally well-written debut."
De Telegraaf (Holland)

It is very rare that characters and stories are so precise and carefully crafted. This debut should ensure the author a place of honor in the hall of fame with her Nordic colleagues. We are eagerly awaiting more, much more.

A wonderfully old-fashioned whodunit!
Veronica Magazine (Holland)

The resolution is spectacular and unexpected.

The perfect mixture of holiday idyll, murder and family tragedy.
Grazia (Italy)

"Book of the Month" (January 2012)
Danish Radio Crime Club

"Viveca Sten has in a short time created a lot of excitement in the Swedish book market."
Aftenposten (Norway)

"A very exciting crime novel with beautiful descriptions of the Swedish landscape and two very sympathetic main characters.... A book... that in the best possible way is entertaining and capturing!"

i de lugnaste vatten 500
i den innersta kretsen 500
i grunden utan skuld 500
i natt aer du doed 500
i stundens hetta 500
i farans riktning 500
i maktens skugga 500
i sanningens namn 500
i fel sallskap
i hemlighet begravd