• Welcome to Viveca Sten and Sandhamn

    Welcome to Viveca Sten and Sandhamn

Meet Viveca Sten

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Viveca Sten & Sandhamn

  • Married, with three children, Viveca lives just north of Stockholm.
  • She has had a highly successful legal career as a lawyer and until recently held the position as General Counsel at PostNord (the Swedish & Danish mail service), but left in 2011 to focus on her writing.
  • Since 1917, Viveca´s family have spent all their summers at Sandhamn where her novels are set.
  • Viveca has written several non-fiction books prior to her crime novels.
  • Viveca is a great humanitarian and has for several years been involved in the Red Cross Centre for Tortured Refugees. Her warmth and caring has been passed on to her three children and last summer her daughter left for the US to tour with the volunteer organization Up with People.
  • She describes herself as driven, stubborn and caring, which is obvious when you meet her, read her books and see all the things she has accomplished in life.
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i de lugnaste vatten 500
i den innersta kretsen 500
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morden i sandhamn 4 - i natt är du död
Morden i Sandhamn - I grunden utan skuld. Baserad på Viveca Stens tredje bok i Sandhamnsserien
Morden i Sandhamn - I den innersta kretsen. Baserad på Viveca Stens andra bok i Sandhamnsserien
Morden i Sandhamn - I de lugnaste vatten. Baserad på Viveca Stens första bok i Sandhamnsserien.
morden i sandhamn 5 - I stundens hetta